Is the picture on your website exactly the same as what I’ll receive?

Theoretically speaking is it!
All the customers wish so, so do we. But something we need to explain. Not all the computer display shows the same and we also cannot ensure there is no extrusion during shipping. If these happens, we suggest you bring your wig to a professional hairdresser for a care.

How to find my size or length?

The size chart is next to the ADD TO CART button. We also have size chart at the bottom of the site. Click it and you will have a reference.

How to find my colour?

Both the button of our website and the product page shows the colour guide. You can have a look before you place order.

Which style is best for me?

Wigs and hairpieces should compliment the shape of your face. If you are not sure about which wig style will be most flattering on you, use the following suggestions as a guide to find a wig that works with your face shape. At urhair, we show seven different face shapes, diamond, heart, oblong, oval, pear, round, and square, and what wig styles are most appropriate for those face shapes. To determine your face shape, look into a mirror and pull your hair back. Compare your face shape to our illustrations.

What is the density of the wigs?

All the wigs at our website are 130%

What is the delivery charge?

Our delivery charge is £7 per order. You can enjoy free shipping if your order is over £200.

Are all the wigs on your website actually in stock?

Some at the websites are in stock and some not. The producing time is offered at the part of “Delivery” of our website.

Can I choose custom made?

What the model shows is the best aspect of the wig, so we recommend the one to you. If you have some special request indeed, you can email us and we will convey the information to the our factory.

How are your wigs packaged?

After the wigs is done, we will package it with mesh cap. And the outside in a plastic bag. When being to deliver, we amassing outside with packing PACKER good, and pack plastic bags outside.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes. If you have the intension, You can contact us for further discussions.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, you will get £5 if you sign up. And free shipping over £200.

Do you sell Designer or Brand Name wigs?

Yes, We do

What are the benefits of creating an account with our website?

It only takes a few minutes to set up your account. Once in place, you’ll enjoy easy access to your order history for reference, tracking and quick reorders of your favorite styles. Plus checkout will be fast and efficient. In additional. you will get $5 coupons after you sign up an account.

Is It Safe To Order On Your Site?

We ensure that all customer details and information, including contact and purchase information, are kept private and all transactions are processed through a secure credit card processing system.